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PRS Insurance Solutions Agency, Inc. is an agency located in Dallas, Texas, owned and operated by Pamela Randall who has been in business for over two decades.  The agency specializes in senior market products and is recognized nationwide for its constant commitment to senior services.                   

PRS Insurance Solutions Agency, Inc.’s main objective is research and education.  Their main focus is to assist the senior market in finding long-term stability to supplement their current Medicare coverage.  The agency represents companies who have proven to be dependable, financially sound, and more importantly companies who are strong even in the unfavorable economic conditions of today.

Through the agency’s commitment to research, they have found that the senior market is in need of total and complete health care services. These services include assistance with the ever-rising costs of prescription drugs, the ability to receive services such as dental,  vision, and hearing,  which are not included in basic Medicare coverage, and most importantly the ability to obtain these services while working with fixed Incomes.  PRS Insurance Solutions Agency, Inc. believes in  SERVICE!