Dr. Birenbaum Profile

Dr. Dennis H Birenbaum

Hematology, Oncology

About Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum

Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum started private practice in Dallas/Ft. Worth in 1979. Soon after, Dr. Birenbaum founded the Arlington Cancer Treatment Center then in 1997, he founded Texas Hematology Oncology Center, and was the founder, Medical Director and CEO of Patients Comprehensive Cancer Center in Carrollton founded in 2001.

Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum saw a tremendous demand in the McKinney area to establish a cancer center that patients could go for all their treatment needs. One place of comfort and top level care. He founded the McKinney Regional Cancer Center in 2007.

Dr. Dennis Birenbaum was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, has 2 sons, love dogs and currently has 6 playful pups. Enjoys traveling and playing golf when he can. He is also an avid collector of arts and antiques. Dr. Birenbaum has dedicated his life to caring for the lives of others. His dedication and care is second to none. To Dr. Birenbaum and the staff at THOC, everything is secondary to a patient. The patients’ well being and future is priority.

Areas of Clinical Interest:

Gastrointestinal Tumors
Hepatic Artery Perfusion
Breast Cancer
Bloodless Medicine


Baylor Carrollton
Centennial Medical Center
Medical Center of Arlington
Medical Center of McKinney
Methodist Richardson Medical Center
Baylor Plano
Dallas Medical Center
Specialty Hospital