Interview Tips

Resume Tips

Uploading or emailing your resume is highly recommended. Things to keep in mind when preparing your resume:

  • Be sure your contact information is current
  • Avoid non-standard fonts and bullets
  • Avoid columns
  • Place headings in all caps such as Education, Experience, Certifications, etc.

Our recruiters regularly search this database to locate qualified applicants for open jobs. Searches are done by keywords and phrases that describe the skills required for each job. It is important, therefore, that resumes include terms and familiar industry acronyms for all relevant skills and experience that could be of value in a position at THOCPA.

Content tips to maximize “hits” in our resume tracking database:

  • Use enough key words to define your skills, experience, education, professional affiliations, etc.
  • Describe your experience with concrete words
  • Use more than one page if necessary to include all relevant job experience
  • Use jargon and acronyms specific to your industry. Make sure you list appropriate certifications and/or licenses
  • If you are not sure if the appropriate key words are part of the text, add a paragraph of key words to the bottom of your resume

Not only will you be considered for the specific role to which you have applied, but your talents and background may be considered for all current and future positions. If there’s a match, we will contact you directly.