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Why is THOCPA considered one of the best Oncology Centers in the business? Read what past clients have said about how our expertise has changed the way they live.

Testimonials, Reviews & Feedback For Texas Oncology


"Kristina Baird"
Its been quite a journey for me. I've been dealing with health issues for the past year and it seems like every time I reach out for help, there's nobody who will take me serious. But not Dr. Birebaum. He's fighting to get me the help that I need. I feel like the nurses may think Im over exaggerating. I'm sure they deal with clients all the time saying they're sicker than they truly are. But there is something going on with me and I need help! I truly appreciate Dennis Birebaum and his staff for taking the time to help me and to be patient with me through this painful experience.
"Rebecca Crabb"
I highly recommend Dr Birenbaum for anyone who has cancer.
"Magnolia Flor Salinas"
God sent I love the staff and Doctors !!!!! Took great care of me. Dr. Birenbaum is the best!!!
"Rosemarie Cadena Morris"
The staff were so kind and caring . When we saw Dr. Birenbaum he took his time with my husband and I . He is very professional and caring . We are grateful to have him as our Dr as my husband faces the big C . Grateful and thankful.
"Ben Bentley"
Best in the buisness
"Kimberly Miller"
They help u get better and they are nice and very personally and hard worker
"Deeann Castillo"
Dr. Birenbaum and his staff are the absolute best! I drive over 60 miles (one way) to see them and wouldn't have it any other way. It's a good feeling to have your doctor available to talk to you 24/7.
"Mary Ortiz"
God sent Dr B to me.
"Robert Contie"
Although the Doctors are great, the staff is the most caring team that will help you thru the hard times.