Our senior leadership

Strong visionary thinking and leadership have built THOCPA into a Texas leader in the fight against cancer. Our senior executive leadership team has set the strategic direction of the organization and supports the team's determination to save lives and celebrate life every single day.

Leadership Team At Texas Hematology Oncology Centers
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Our Leadership Team

About Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum

About Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum

At THOCPA, Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum understands that a cancer diagnosis changes everything in your life. When you're with THOCPA, you will find the advanced care, compassion and the support you need, all from teams of experts dedicated to getting you through this next phase of your life.

And that's just the beginning.

About Dr. Gene J. Wyszynski

Dr. Gene J. Wyszynski

As a hematologist / oncologist in Texas, Dr. Wyszynski is capable of diagnosing and treating patients with blood-related disorders, malignancies, or cancers. Dr. Wyszynski may treat a range of conditions ranging from the the common to the very rare and complex. As a result, Dr. Wyszynski may provide care as part of a multidisciplinary team, working in conjunction with other specialists to ensure the highest possible standard of care.