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About Us & What We Do

The Texas Hematology Oncology Centers, PA, was established by Dennis Birenbaum, MD, in 1997. Birenbaum, along with colleague Eugene Wyszynski, DO,  bring decades of experience helping patients and their families navigate the cancer diagnosis. The medical staff offers compassion and care, and provide knowledge of cutting-edge technology and cancer therapies directly to the communities of Dallas, Plano, and McKinney. At Texas Hematology Oncology Centers, PA, service and care for patients are key. Patients have access to their own physicians, infusion nurses, and clinical nurses 24 hours a day. A clinical care team brings together all available resources to help bring patients toward remission and to make life easier and more comfortable for them and their families during a difficult time.
Support Groups
Through its growing Support Group program, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, we offer discussion, emotional support and educational programs to cancer patients and their loved ones to help them cope with cancer.
Dietary Counseling
In order to provide out patients with the ability to maintain the highest quality of life and maximize the cancer fighting capabilities of the body’s immune system, we are now offering professional nutritional consulting under the supervision of Dr. Birenbaum, thus providing your body with the best response to cancer through healthy lifestyle choices.
Our onsite laboratory provides specialized testing for oncology and hematology. The Lab’s capabilities span all types of tissue, including tumor marker tests. While patients and referring physicians benefit from the convenience of a lab within the Cancer Center, insurance contractual arrangements may require patients to use other labs, with the results sent back in a timely manner.
Financial and Insurance Counseling
While the ultimate responsibility for a financial obligation belongs to the patient or guarantor, our goal is to assist our patients and families in every way possible to maximize insurance coverage. Our business office specialists and financial counselors serve as resources for working with your insurance provider and finding answers on your behalf. We participate in Medicare, Medicaid and most managed care plans.

Meet Our Oncologists

Texas Hematology Oncology Centers is a team of highly respected and patient caring physicians, oncology nurses and staff that focus on a variety of Cancers and Blood Disorders.

To read about each Oncologist, click on the doctor’s name.

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To assist as much as we can, we pray and hope for the best for all of those affected by this terrible disaster. We at THOC would like to offer assistance for those cancer patients in need of specific interim care. We have a staff of MD Anderson trained Oncologists that are here for you to provide personal one-on-one care and conversation if needed.We have several locations in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex and a very comfortable infusion center in Dallas. Dealing with a cancer is challenging enough as is, so if you need the assistance or have a family member or friend that could use some comfort or direction, please contact us at 469-453-5500. Drs Birenbaum, Wyszynski and Delvadiya wish all those affected the best. ... See MoreSee Less

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Texas Hematology Oncology Centers
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Texas Hematology Oncology Centers
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Why Texas Hematology Oncology Centers

Experienced Oncologists

Over 50 years combined Oncology and Hematology Experience

The Oncologists at Texas Hematology Oncology Centers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide the care and treatment of cancer patients at all stages. They believe all patients deserve the best care and unsurpassed attention at all times.  With one goal and one goal only – to fight cancers and blood disorders to the best of their ability with compassion and care for the patient and family.

Compassionate Oncology Nurses and Staff

Compassion, Care and Love

Our nurses and staff have extensive oncology training and certifications to provide the highest quality cancer care for you. They are hear to answer questions about care, insurance, financial, and support needs.

Broad Services Offerings

Personalized Care, One Team

Being able to contact one intimidate, caring and available medical resources provides a peace of mind during a challenging time. We want to be your only point of contact for questions and services provided and recommended by referrals.

Infusion Center
Insurance acceptance – Financial Guidance
Three Locations to serve the Metroplex – Dallas, Plano and McKinney

Patients Tell Their Story

“The Second Opinion Should Have Been My First” – Listen to the stories about their journey and challenges through their cancer treatment

Robert & Regena, Cancer Survivors

Betty, Cancer Survivor